About Alexander Konovalov


Friends call me "Alex" and you can too.

My last name sounds like a «can of olive». That makes it is easier to read and remember)

I have experience of shooting American, Russian, Brazilian and Spanish weddings in USA and overseas. Russian is my native language, but I speak English fluently.

A wedding photography is my favorite and main direction in photography, but I also do photo shoots in studio, open air and can go anywhere you want me. With special pleasure I photograph children and their happy parents.

In photography, I strive to catch live emotions, to convey real feelings, avoiding uncomfortable poses. I try see beauty in every person, in every wedding — a fairy tale.

Processing the best pictures I try to preserve the naturalness of colors, without using unnecessary effects. Some colors in the picture I make a little juicier, others muted, thereby adding contrast, or smooth it, trying to emphasize the mood that I saw at the time of the picture. Because of this, the photos look alive and can awaken the emotions that you experienced in certain moments of your celebration.

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